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Waltham Petcare Science Institute:

3 positions available in Science & Diagnostics

Location: GBR-Leicestershire-Waltham

Originally posted here by Janet Patterson Kane.

Are you interested in making a better world for pets?

There are three unique new job opportunities in the Science & Diagnostics Division of Mars Petcare.

Our Head of Scientific Affairs, Josh Collis, is hiring a Publication Lead, a Strategic Congress Lead, and a Thought Leader and Insights Lead. I can personally recommend Josh as an inspirational leader and someone who I really enjoy working with.

These are exciting times in scientific research in theWaltham Petcare Science Instituteand the Division as a whole, where we have the resources and the people to make real differences to the health and welfare of dogs and cats.

If you, or anyone in your professional network might be interested in the roles, please apply via the links in the comments or reach out to Josh Collis directly. I am also happy to share my Mars story.


Anya P.
canine science society
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