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What actions are needed to help tackle the issue of puppy farming?

June 20, 2024 • 7:30 AM - 8:30 AM

To find out, join us for this webinar led by animal welfare expert Chris Laurence OBE QVRM TD BVSc FRCVS. Chris will discuss the different aspects of puppy farming, including: definitions, numbers, locations, legislation, and the consequences. There will also be a case study around identifying and dealing with suspected cases of puppy farming in practice.

Chris Laurence qualified as a veterinary surgeon from Bristol University in 1968 and went into mixed practice in Somerset. A year later he moved to Chippenham in Wiltshire to take up purely small animal practice at the Hale Veterinary Group until 1998. Chris was subsequently Chief Veterinary Officer at the RSPCA and Veterinary Director of Dogs Trust. He retired in August 2011. He was awarded the MBE for services to animal welfare…

Animal Assisted Interventions Webinar Series


Date(s) - Thu, Jun 6, 2024 MDT

1:00 pm - 2:00 pm

Join Janet Hoy-Gerlach, PhD, LISW-S, LCSW, Author of Human-Animal Interactions - A Social Work Guide as she presents at APA's next Animal Assisted Interventions Webinar!

This FREE event will be held on Thursday, June 6 at 3pm EST.

intro to data visualization in R


Join us for "Dive Into Data Visualization: An Introductory Workshop Using R" with Ketura Elie. This workshop is designed for beginners looking to explore the fundamentals of data visualization using R. Ketura will guide you through the essential tools and techniques to transform raw data into compelling visual stories. Whether you're new to R or looking to enhance your data visualization skills, this workshop will provide you with the knowledge and confidence to create impactful visualizations. Don't miss this opportunity to dive into the world of data visualization with an expert guide

Hosted by Black In Psych

The Canine Science Society's Trainee chapter is excited to announce our second workshop -- "Intro to Python".

Python is a coding language that has diverse applications and is heavily used in industry. This workshop is great for those with no coding background and for those who want to pick up another coding language.

You'll be learning from a gifted speaker and teacher, Mac Gagne, mathematician, computer scientist, podcaster, and actor. Learn about Mac's work here.

Anya P.


The Canine Science Society's Trainee Chapter is deeply excited to invite you to our first-ever virtual event, at 10 AM, January 23, 2024. Learn how these academics navigated the job market with their degrees.

Many PhDs are considering how to apply their unique skillsets outside academia. Join us to learn more about how these researchers used their Ph.

D.s outside of academia and in the job market. Many thanks to our panelists!

Dr. Melanie Uhde, founder of Canine Decoded.

Anya P.
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