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Online Graduate Adjunct Faculty in Animal Behavior and Training

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Short term

benefits not available

Salary not located

temporary, Associate Animal Welfare Scientist position at the Royal Veterinary College.

The role is a technical support post that includes animal welfare research, teaching, and administrative duties.

Location: Hawkshead campus, near Potters Bar, Hertfordshire, UK

Anya P.

Part-Time Lecturer in Applied Animal Behavior at Washington State University

$32,727 - $38,864 a year

Sage Publishing. Peer Review Intern

Paid. Remote.

Original listing.

The Peer Review Intern position provides administrative, analytical, and publishing support to Peer Review staff in the Global Peer Review Team. We are looking for a candidate who is eager to learn about and grow within the academic publishing industry, and is able to quickly pick up new information, think critically and creatively, and engage meaningfully with the daily work. Training will be provided for all the processes listed and there is no prior publishing experience required.

Anya P.
Attendee 2024
Trainee Chapter

Behavior Analyst- Disney’s Animals, Science, and Environment Team (Part-Time)

Company: Disney

Location: Lake Buena Vista, FL

Pay: Not disclosed.

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