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ManyDogs Leadership Positions Available

- Funding Committee: Responsible for seeking and/or applying for funding opportunities, and providing regular updates on funding status and applications, networking with funding agencies, and sourcing information from other big team science groups.

- Project Selection & Monitoring Committee: Responsible for creating materials/templates regarding prospective ManyDogs project submissions, reviewing prospective ManyDogs project submissions, and monitoring progress of accepted ManyDogs projects and subprojects.

- Membership Coordinator: Responsible for monitoring email account for membership applications, evaluating applications for appropriateness, and onboarding members into Slack and Google Groups.

- Social Media Coordinator: Responsible for posting updates to social media accounts and seeking out opportunities to advertise project information and products.

If you are interested in one or more positions, please complete our by September 27. Feel free to reach out to members of the with any questions you might have. Come help us continue to make ManyDogs an exciting, rigorous, and inclusive endeavor!

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