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Internship opportunity with detection dogs at MK9Solutions

MK9 Solutions Internship is designed as a 120-day live-in experience where students and recent graduates can develop significant hands-on experience working with dogs in a professional environment.

Interns will primarily provide support in an Assistant Kennel Technician role which includes all expected activities related to Canine Husbandry including, but not limited to, cleaning, feeding, walking, bathing, and grooming.

Interns will also have opportunities to work as Assistant Trainers and under supervision observe and assist in the development of dogs during their daily training routines.

Interns may also have opportunities to observe and assist in the whelping process and under supervision assist in early puppy education and stimulation processes.

Interns may also have opportunities to assist in record-keeping and observe ongoing research studies.

Interns should expect to work hard and get dirty.

It is hoped that Interns who are successful and enjoy this work may wish to become Part-Time or Full-Time employees.

This is an unpaid Internship and the Intern is not an employee of MK9 Solutions.

In lieu of salary, the Intern will be provided a weekly stipend of $300.00 and housing on-site.

Additionally, the Intern will be provided a one-time travel stipend of $500.00


MK9 Solutions is US-owned and operated, and its sole mission is to support the United States in filling its requirement for detection canines for law enforcement, national security, and military applications.

To supplement our resources that include proven quality management systems and science-based production and genetic programs, MK9 Solutions has partnered with subject matter experts and practitioners with decades of experience from law enforcement and technical services of various universities to ensure success in producing superior canines.

Our Program

MK9 Solutions has a structured team of proven detection dog professionals and commercial breeding staff. This staff possesses specialized skills in closely managing genetics and technology, in an effort to produce healthy, environmentally sound, behaviorally stable, and performance-driven canines as successful program candidates. Team members have extensive knowledge and expertise in training canines and handlers developed in institutional, military, law enforcement, and private industry settings.

Our proprietary multi-phased development program is designed to take puppies from birth to one (1) year of age to be fully prepared and malleable to enter your training program for the challenging detection dog world. Our program was developed collaboratively by experts in the field of purpose-bred breeding, law enforcement K9 detection, genetics management, behavior, cognition, and nutrition with this specific objective in mind.

The team owns and has access to a variety of age-appropriate canine development areas including those specially designed for early puppy development, neurological stimulation, environmental exploration, and self-learning, all focused on developing confidence. Initially, the puppies “meet the world” inside and out including creative designs to develop environmental confidence on variations of flooring, indoor and outdoor confidence courses, situation rooms, and other environmental stimuli to include sound variations that they may encounter, vehicle travel, and new environments such as parks, malls, universities and mass transportation centers. The puppies are also exposed to various forms of play to enhance the drives associated with successful detection dogs. The stimulus and environmental challenges continue to increase appropriately while allowing time for self-learning leading to a confident dog that is fully prepared to enter a challenging detection training environment.

Additionally, MK9 Solutions maintains medical facilities and has access to both staff and contract veterinarians, geneticists, nutritionists, and diagnostic labs to ensure all variables and baseline health assessments and clinical health requirements are well managed. MK9 Solutions maintains proprietary processes and systems that allow the close management and analysis of all animals to ensure that their health, conformation, and overall performance are well structured and controlled.


Please Contact:


   Bob Wright

   Principal Consultant 

   Research & Development

   m: (905) 329-8022

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