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The Canine Science Society's Trainee Chapter is deeply excited to invite you to our first-ever virtual event, at 10 AM, January 23, 2024. Learn how these academics navigated the job market with their degrees.

Many PhDs are considering how to apply their unique skillsets outside academia. Join us to learn more about how these researchers used their Ph.

D.s outside of academia and in the job market. Many thanks to our panelists!

Dr. Melanie Uhde, founder of Canine Decoded.

Learn how Dr. Uhde applies her knowledge of animal behavior in the context of science communication and dog training, in addition to continuing her contributions to academia.

Dr. Miles Bensky, Behavior Scientist at Nestle Purina and freelance graphic designer Learn how Dr. Bensky used his knowledge of animal behavior and human psychology to find work in diverse fields. This includes dog training, bomb detection research with the TSA, and fishery ecology research. He also designed our logo! Dr. Stephen Nuñez, senior research associate at MEF Associates Dr. Nuñez has a background in sociology and economics that he now applies to his work for the consulting firm, MEF Associates. Learn how he conducts research that enhances public programming on life-changing public issues. RSVP here

We hope to see you then.


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All panelists' opinions are their own and they do not represent their organizations in an official capacity.

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