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Science. Michelson award for immunology

1 October 2023. $30,000

Apply yourself:

Write up your innovative research and you can not only win USD $30,000 but get your work published in print and online editions of Science.

The Michelson Philanthropies & Science Prize for Immunology is awarded annually to honor bold, trailblazing, and transformative research in human immunology with trans-disease applications to accelerate vaccine and immunotherapy research.

This prestigious honor was created to encourage, support, and reward young investigators across many disciplines demonstrating expertise that shows great promise and potential for a lasting impact on vaccine and immunotherapy discovery. We consider our international prize an investment in the future —meaning, you and your promising work. The grand prize is USD $30K and two finalists will receive USD $10K each. To enter, submit and application describing your research and why you think it's a game changer in the field of immunology. The deadline for considerations is 1 October 2023.

The prize is open to researchers from a wide range of disciplines including computer science, artificial intelligence/machine learning, protein engineering, nanotechnology, genomics, parasitology and tropical medicine, neurodegenerative disease, gene editing, and more. Get rewarded monetarily, of course, but primarily seeing you and your promising work in print and online in Science. Please note this award is open to scientists 35 years of age or younger whose research has been conducted in the past 3 years. Click here to submit your application.

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